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Zombie Spin – Android Casual Game – EffectHacking

Brave human beings, although our territory is occupied by zombies, we can’t be defeated by them, right?

So what should we do?

First take back the land that belongs to us? Or destroy the zombies first?

Do we need to assemble a team? Do we need to find supplies? Do we have a map?

Instead of thinking about these answers, why not enter the world of Zombie Spin right now?

Where to start, you decide!

1. Assemble a team

You can’t accomplish this great cause alone, yes, you need to gather more people to move forward together

Invite your friends to join your team so you can do more

2. Build a camp

After finishing the team gathering, it’s time to build our camp, the number of camps represents the symbol of your strength, every time you finish building a camp, you will get the star medal

The more medals, the higher your popularity, then, there will be more people to seek your shelter

3. Collect supplies

You need gold to build a camp, and you can’t do it without supplies. Come on, spin the slot machine and get a constant flow of supplies.

Remember at all times: the slot machine is a jack-of-all-trades, it can meet all your needs!

4. Sneak attack/attack

Where there are people, there are conflicts, not to mention the presence of zombies.

So when you launch a sneak attack, that will be the best way to get your supplies, so don’t be shy and enjoy the victory!

Attacking will be a seemingly uncivilized approach, but, as we have said, where there are people there must be conflict, and if you do not initiate an attack, then in the future others will also attack you!

So for the sake of your team, for the sake of your future, attack bravely!

5. Weapons

In a chaotic world, a variety of weapons is a necessity, it can protect your camp from being attacked, it can allow you to get more supplies during sneak attacks, and even super power during attacks

So, having weapons is something you must do no matter what

6. Warehouse stockpile

Do you feel that supplies are often in short supply? Or supplies are slow to collect? This is the time to rely on the warehouse reserve, it can provide enough ammunition when you need it

7. Free time

The battle with zombies is all the time, it’s a good idea to relax once in a while.

Here are casual games such as Squid Hero, which can make you feel the fun of life even in the moment of relaxation

More relaxing and fun mini-games are being added, which are well worth all the anticipation

8. Strategy

When you appear confused, need help or need more comrades, then please join our global base camp: Here all the puzzles and answers will be solved one by one.

Developer: Zombie Spin

Google Play ID:

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APK Download LinkZombie Spin 2.0.2.apk

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