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Raised to be a hunter, you know the value of life more than most. Burdened with the promise you made to your late father to continue his life’s work, you vow to never give up. Yet, when you expect to inherit the manor house, it’s revealed that you alone are not the only heir. A mysterious handsome stranger also lays claim to the now abandoned house.

You both protest the other’s claim to the manor… Until the will reveals one condition: both of you must spend three nights, locked together in the manor house. If even one of you leaves, the house will be destroyed.

But no one said you would be the only ones there….

What secrets will the house reveal? Who is this strange but enchanting man?

Maybe some things are better left in the past.

Character Introduction:

The Protagonist:

“A young, college student struggling to pay bills – sounds normal, right? If only.

Your entire life has been nothing but normal.

Daughter to a member of the secret society, and gifted with the ability to see the paranormal, you were raised to be a monster hunter.

Enchanted daggers and bottles of potions are the only things filling your purse as you walk the streets at night, doing what you must.

After the untimely death of your father, you vow to him on this deathbed to continue his life’s work and find the heart of the old manor.”

The Mysterious Man – Sebastian

“A mysterious man sits in the shadows of the office… his golden curls and amber eyes seem to watch your every move. Then your eyes meet.

What is this feeling? Is he a stranger from your past, or a vision from your future? You can’t tell, but something about him sends a shiver down your spine.

As twisted fate would have it, this mysterious man is the only thing standing in the way of your claim to inheritance – the old manor, headquarters of the secret society your father belonged to.

But you be able to protect him from the nightmares that dwell in the abandoned manor? Or will he become one of the things you must protect yourself from?”

Developer: Genius Inc

Google Play ID: com.genius.monsterhunter

Playstore Download LinkHaunted Heart

APK Download LinkHaunted Heart 3.0.23.apk

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