10 Unusual Creative PowerPoint Ideas for Fun and Business

If you’re giving a presentation, you want the audience to be engaged. Here are three ways to engage your audience:

  1. Be creative with your presentation.
  2. Add an element of fun.
  3. Use an interactive PowerPoint.

When your audience is engaged and having fun, they’re more likely to remember the topic of your presentation. Everyone wants their presentation to be memorable.

Keep reading if you’re looking for fun, creative ideas–but aren’t sure where to start. This article covers ten creative interactive presentation ideas to help you engage your audience. It’ll also cover some frequently asked PowerPoint questions.

10 Creative PowerPoint Ideas

Do you want to try something new and fun for your next presentation? Here are ten fun slideshow ideas to try:

1. Use an Animated Background

Here’s one of our top fun slideshow ideas. Grab your audience’s attention immediately by making your title slide have an animated background.

Add an animated slide every few slides to engage your audience. You can even add sound to your animated slide for an extra fun touch.

2. Try Vertical Slides

Try vertical slides Try vertical slides Try vertical slides
Vertical slides are different from the usual but not so much that it’ll distract the audience.

Consider vertical slides if you’re trying to think of fun slideshow ideas. Most people are used to the typical horizontal slides. So, by using vertical slides you’ll catch the audience’s attention with something unexpected.

You can use a template such as the Vermillion Vertical PowerPoint Presentation (pictured above) to get vertical slides. Or just make the slides vertical yourself.

To make a vertical slide:

  1. Click on the Design tab.
  2. Click on the Slide Size button.
  3. Select Page Setup…
  4. From the window that appears in the Size section, make the Width smaller than the Height.

3. Use a Template

Use a templateUse a templateUse a template
The easiest way to have an interesting presentation is to use a premium template.

Templates make your job easier because you don’t have to design a presentation from scratch. There are many different themed presentation templates that you can use.

A good template has each slide named. This can help you ensure you don’t forget a topic for your presentation.

For example, Theore Quiz PowerPoint Template (pictured above) comes with 30 well-designed PowerPoint slides that can be used for games. So, if you want to play games on PowerPoint, you’ve got a head start.

4. Photo-only Presentation

Another fun slideshow idea is to remove the text from your presentation completely. This forces the audience to listen to what you say without trying to read every word on the slide.

The images give your audience visuals and context for what you’re discussing without distracting them. Also, visuals have a more significant impact on your audience compared to plain text.

5. Use Animated Bullet Points

If you’ve got some slides with bullet points, consider adding animation to your bullet points for a fun slideshow idea. You can use animation to emphasize important bullet points or add it to all your bullet points.

Remember that less is more when adding animation. So, consider using the same animation for every bullet point or limiting it to two animations. You don’t want to distract the audience with too many animations.

Here’s one example of a fun animation that you could try for your bullet points:

6. Give an Interactive Quiz

The best way to get your audience to pay attention is to engage them. One way to do that is to create an Interactive PowerPoint Quiz.

Engage your audience by asking questions at the end of your presentation and having the audience answer them. You can even make things more exciting by adding a small prize for the correct answers.

Try using interactive quizzes to play games on PowerPoint.

The tutorial below has step-by-step instructions for making an interactive quiz:

7. Use Demonstrations

An interactive presentation idea is to use demonstrations in your presentation. This works well if you’re presenting a product or how to do something.

Demonstrations can help the audience understand your topic while also capturing the audience’s attention. If you want to involve the audience, ask for a volunteer to help you demonstrate the product or process.

8. Include Memes

You can use a fun template to add some humor to your presentation.You can use a fun template to add some humor to your presentation.You can use a fun template to add some humor to your presentation.
You can use a fun template to add some humor to your presentation.

Humor is a great way to make people enjoy and relate to your topic. Memes are a fun slideshow idea that can add relatable humor to your presentation.

Remember who your audience is before you add any type of humor to your presentation. You don’t want to end up offending your audience.

9. Use Social Media Hashtags

In your PowerPoint games, try incorporating social media hashtags.

For example, you can poll the audience or have them answer questions by responding on social media.

If you decide to do this, create a unique hashtag for your presentation so you can easily find your audience’s responses.

10. Use a Live Data Graph

Turn your graph into a live data graph.Turn your graph into a live data graph.Turn your graph into a live data graph.
Turn your graph into a live data graph.

Another interactive presentation idea is to add live data to your presentation. You can add live data to any chart, such as maps, bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts.

Live data graphs update themselves automatically when the data is updated. So, the information is always up to date.

Live data graphs allow the viewers to see the data change in real time. Learn more about how to link data to PowerPoint below:

The Top Source for PowerPoint Templates

Envato Elements is the best source for premium PowerPoint templates. It’s a subscription service where you pay a low monthly fee and gain access to digital elements.

You gain access to more than premium PowerPoint templates when you become a member. You’ll get access to:

  • premium images
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Find PowerPoint Templates

Professionals make every premium PowerPoint template to look stylish and impressive. This means you’ll save time because you’ll start with a good base. All you need to do is add your text and images.

If you like to customize your presentation, you still can.  A good premium template is easily customizable.

More PowerPoint Templates

Want to see more premium PowerPoint templates? Read these articles:

Learn More about PowerPoint

Want to learn more about PowerPoint? Read these helpful tutorials:

Frequently Asked PowerPoint Questions (PowerPoint FAQ)

Have some questions about PowerPoint? Here are some common questions and their answers:

1. What Is a Placeholder in PowerPoint?

Placeholders are part of a template design that allows you to easily add text or media to your slide while keeping the design layout intact. They make it easy to format your slides.

Many premium templates contain placeholders for images and text already. To learn more about placeholders in PowerPoint, read this helpful article:

2. What Is a Motion Path in PowerPoint?

A motion path is how animation move in PowerPoint. So, this means that you can control the motions of your animation. You can choose to have your animation move in a straight line, shaped path, or custom path.

For more information, read this tutorial:

3. If I’m Collaborating in PowerPoint, Can I Track Changes?

PowerPoint makes it easy to track changes. When collaborating, seeing changes, others have made to the document can be helpful.

With the Track Changes tool, you can get feedback and easily incorporate it into your presentation. For more information, read this article:

4. Is It Possible to Add an Online Video to My PPT Slide?

A video is a tool that can engage your audience and add visual interest to your slide. You can directly link an online video in PowerPoint. This makes it easy if you don’t want to make your own video.

For a tutorial on how to add online video to a PowerPoint, read this:

5. Is It Possible to Present a PowerPoint Presentation on Zoom?

Zoom allows you to give a presentation no matter your location. You can use this tool to record PowerPoint presentations with audio and video. For more information, read this article:

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